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On Tour Musicians Micro-Dose Psychotherapy

Imagine, it’s the New Year so you decide to finally buy that gym membership that’s been on your to-do-list since last year. The first week feels great. Self-care kicks in and you feel good about yourself. Three months later, you’re one of 73% who throw in the towel. (Ok, maybe that’s just me.)

Psychotherapy is not so different. Maintaining consistency and growth takes a great amount of time, commitment, and focus. For traveling musicians and those who drive the music industry, the issue of consistency is their greatest challenge.

The repetition of the road can lose its romance quickly. Traveling musicians rarely wake up to an alarm or even sleep at home. They are often not accountable to on the job human resources. Unlike most traditional 9-5’s they don’t have to wait for happy hour.

A life in music often enables the Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N Roll stereotype many thrive or die by. To say this lifestyle has its challenges is an understatement. Touring musicians are often on the road an average of 10 months of the year. That leaves about 60 days to be wherever they call home. This alone presents room for concern and is highly challenging to anyone working on personal goals or maintaining a healthy family system.

Sound Mind Austin developed On Tour Micro-Sessions to solve this problem. A micro-session is a brief, 25-minute phone call designed to anchor clients while on the road. Micro-session acts as a bridge between home and road life. Micro-sessions keep clients engaged in their therapeutic goals to maintain growth towards comfort and meaning. Micro-sessions add a tempo to psychotherapy that will edge clients towards success.

Most important, less time between sessions builds the best results.

In the end, I may have dropped that gym membership again - but a phone call, I can manage that, and so can you.

See you on tour!

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