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A Thank You Letter to Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga,

Thanking you just begins to describe my gratitude that you have shouldered the message of sound mental health, sexual assault advocacy, and safety for musicians and artists. More so, you have normalized the stigma of mental health and have been a champion to so many, and of all types and abilities.

From your Oscar nominated song Till It Happens to You and the epic performance and stage time you shared with survivors of sexual assault, to the concept behind your Born This Way Foundation, I am grateful that your message nurtures education, advocacy, and mental wellness as our tool to heal the world.

In your recent piece A Personal Letter From Gaga, you so vulnerably disclose such personal pain. As a therapist who supports survivors of trauma and abuse, and specifically musicians and artists, I was impressed with how well your words painted the experiences of my clients. You are talking about yourself but so clearly named what so many other people have suffered and overcome.

You have gone to the darkness and back to deliver an important message. You have defined trauma as a human condition outside of our choice. You have named what it looks like. You have shown us your monsters. Most importantly, you have shown us that that self-love, self-care, and support are the way out.

Thank you for lighting the path for us. Thank you for modeling the honesty and grit and it takes to access our courage and talents. Your choice to use your platform to lead us is an inspiration.

Please take care.

Best wishes on your journey,


post script – Next time you’re in Austin hit me up. I would like to improve in my work supporting musicians and music industry professionals. Your feedback would be invaluable and I believe we may be able to collaborate and spread this message wide.

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