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Why You Might Need a Therapist | A New Year’s Revolution

While the gyms are full and you wait your turn for the treadmill, I’d like you to consider a different New Year’s resolution – this time, without excessive workouts and unrealistic dieting. I’ll call it a New Year’s Revolution as it questions your current system of living. The revolution goes deeper than traditional resolutions as it assess and strengthens healthy living. It is not measured by muscle mass or body fat, but by building a healthy foundation of self-awareness and mindfulness.

Here are 3 reasons you may be ready for a personal revolution…

I feel stuck

At times, the lens in which we see the world gets foggy and gray. It blocks our view from what is possible. We forget how talented and unique we are and miss opportunities for connection and growth. Counseling can be a helpful spark to start your revolution of change. Use it to strengthen your insights and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

My relationships are suffering

As a family therapist I value the role other people play in our lives. The goal is to enhance these relationships so you can gain the support and nurturing needed to live well. As social animals, I believe we highly rely on other people and seldom live in isolation. That’s why when the people we love most bring us down, it can really hurt. Conflict in your family system can feel incredibly uncomfortable. Couple and family therapy is designed to strengthen your support system, enhance communication, and build intimacy.

What happened in the past still hurts today

It is a sad reality that there are so many ways we can get hurt. As a parent, I understand this now more than ever. Each day after work I count all the fingers and toes of my toddler, question the safety of his classroom, and the background of his teachers. Cars are more dangerous than air travel, domestic violence is a common household concern, and sexual abuse is highly prevalent among women, men, and children (a sad truth to stomach).

When tragedy strikes, our brains are wired to store the pain these events caused. In turn, we unknowingly bury these memories and leave ourselves feeling fragile and unaware that our discomfort is a result of past scars.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and healing is possible. In the New Year, find a trauma-informed therapist and start your path towards healing.

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