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The Privilege of Being a Therapist

Imagine you have arrived for your first therapy session. You have no idea what to expect. Your hands are clammy with anxiety as you anticipate sharing your life with a stranger. It is understood that just to be in therapy indicates a need or desire to change something about your life. It may be something only a handful of people may know about you. Commonly, it may be something that only you have experienced and understand. Something you have held in isolation for years. You may be a struggling parent, coping with infidelity, infertility, abuse, loss, pain and suffering. It may be many things.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of the therapeutic process is making that first phone call. It is soon followed with a calendar commitment and the eventual arrival of that first session. This will set the stage towards healing. Although at this time, it may not feel like it.

Being in the role of therapist is one I take great care in. To protect you and your story. To listen with great respect and patience as we unfold your life history and what you hope to find, change or experience in your work.

Among abundant resources you have landed in my office and here we are, in confidence together. And every session, in each moment shared, I admire in your courage, resilience and trust. I give thanks for this moment to share in your story. I understand that to witness your strengths, struggles and progress is perhaps unique and give thanks for the honor to sit in the chair across from you. Like the passenger of a car holding the navigation map, I am privileged to see where it will lead.

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