Sound Opinions

Disclosure of Expertise

In an attempt to keep up with the World Wide Web and high demands of the Millennial generation, it is my mission to enter the world of blogging. As ancient as I feel sitting at my computer, I feel far more confident than my parents who require constant technological supervision, thankfully provided by my sister.

That said, I feel highly confident about the topics I will explore in this blog. As a licensed family therapist, issues related to personal and familial health are an everyday focus and I am thankful to have witnessed the success and healing of many clients throughout the years.

As this blog gains content you will find information and stories regarding healthy and mindful living, healing, personal growth, family cohesion and issues related to positive social change. It is my hope that through this medium you will gain strategies that will assist you and your family towards safe, healthy and meaningful relationships.

Although I intend to use this space to educate, entertain and encourage the development of insight, it is important to note that reading this blog is not therapy. If you would like to contact me for information about my practice, I would be happy to talk with you.

I assume no readership but would be grateful to walk this journey together and see where it leads.



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