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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”  This age-old saying is meant to express the process of transitioning stress, concern and hardship into something sweet and tasty.  We all have our lemons.  At times it may feel like a bag of lemons. Its sour taste tells us that we are hurt, depressed, anxious, stressed or unloved.

The process of individual therapy may assist you to access your full potential. Individual therapy may be a transformative process as you discover your strengths, talents and resources. Lemonade may taste like increased self-esteem, confidence, self-care, mindfulness and healthy relationships.



Couplehood is a very complex process.  In it couples merge their greatest strengths and weaknesses with each other’s. It is a great challenge even when everything seems to be working well. In couples therapy clients learn the art of compromise and communication. It is a helpful tool to express your thoughts, emotions and needs to your partner. Couples therapy is a place to learn how to increase intimacy, problem solve and fight safe and fairly.



Family is a complex social institution meant to provide basic needs, safety, growth, nurturing and love. The family is the solar system of our world. It is the intersection where each individual meet one another to compromise their needs. No one family system is the same. Each family system is unique and unlike any other. The family is a Rubik’s Cube of diverse experiences where we learn to care for, model behavior and support one another.

Imagine that the earth suddenly decides to rotate in the opposite direction. Life as we know it will change. The seasons. The calendar. Day and nights will shift. Chaos would result and mere survival would be threatened.

When a couple struggles with infidelity, disease, divorce, and unemployment – the system shifts. When parents learn their child has been bullied, has a learning disability, has experienced abuse and addictions – the system shifts.

Family therapy is designed to strengthen all members of the family and to re-align themselves with the strengths and uniqueness of their solar system. Family therapy supports healthy communication to solve conflict while providing strategies to strengthen relationships both specific to the individual as well as the system as a whole.

Musicians & Music Industry Professionals

As it is best practice to routinely tune an instrument, it is also important to fine-tune your personal self. The approach of Sound Mind counseling is designed to bring life balance to your performance. Together, we will score your efforts and aim your mindset towards success. We will identify your strengths and assess any areas that may need attention. It is through this process that you will gain success both on and off the stage.



David is a trauma-informed therapist and often works with clients who have experienced difficult life situations. Through this approach our primary goal is to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms while acknowledging the role that trauma may play in your life.  The ultimate goal of trauma informed care is to decrease and manage trauma symptoms, to be more comfortable in your body, your mind, around family, friends, work and play.




"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."


                                                                                     -  Winston Churchill

Clinical Hypnosis

Like a magnifying glass in the sun, when the rays of the sun are focused, they are more powerful. Similarly, when our mind is concentrated and focused, we able to use more of our potential. In this sense, instead of being out of control (like the popular misconception), learning hypnosis is actually the ultimate self-control skill.

LMFT Approved


As a Texas Approved Supervisor in Marriage and Family Therapy I am excited about the opportunity to work with you. It is my hope to collaborate on best practice care to help guide and build your professional development and work with clients. 



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