Off The Record

A Workshop For Bands​

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Nietzsche

Off The Record confidential workshops aim to support the relational well-being and success of Austin bands. Sound Mind Austin understands the unique experiences of musicians, bands, and music industry professionals, and uses this knowledge to best support their goals. We accomplish this by bridging the resources of music and wellness. Our mission is to address the needs and concerns of each band member and the mission of the band as a whole to move from surviving, to thriving.

Each 80 minute session aims to guide the entire band, specifically in the areas of (but not limited to):

  • Healthy communication strategies.

  • Conflict resolution.  

  • Mental health and wellness counseling.

  • Peak performance, mindset, and confidence coaching.

  • A support system to process and identify needs, gaps, and access to appropriate resources.

David Braham MS, LMFT-S

David is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Supervisor. He founded Sound Mind Austin to support the mental health and well-being of musicians and music industry professionals. Sound Mind Austin employs a psycho-therapeutic approach to help guide the artist’s journey toward healthy relationships, sound minds, and peak on-stage performances. His primary clinical focus integrates issues related to peak performance counseling, trauma, gender violence, positive masculinity and fatherhood. Trained in family therapy, systems theory, and trauma-informed care, Dave has worked in diverse settings to provide psychotherapy to those in need.


Sound Mind Austin is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you Off The Record, and want to thank you for all the amazing music you have given Austin and why we hold the title “Live Music Capital of the World”.




Double Platinum

5 sessions | $1,000


3 sessions | $650


Take it one session at a time | $250

* All sessions are set at 80 minutes.

* Sessions include 5 band members. Each additional member adds $50/session.

* Travel to your location within a 15 mile radius of greater Austin, add $50 (includes both ways).  

* For scholarship needs, please contact