Fine Tuning | Assessment

As it is best practice to routinely tune an instrument, it is also important to fine-tune your personal self. The approach of Sound Mind counseling is designed to bring life balance to your performance. Together, we will score your efforts and aim your mindset towards success. We will identify your strengths and assess any areas that may need attention. It is through this process that you will gain success both on and off the stage.

Peak Performance | Find meaning and artistry among repetition and pressure

The road to the stage is one overcome with hours of practice perfecting your craft. Muscles ache, fingers callous, voice is shot. Daily practice and repetition create anticipation for your moment. Peak performance counseling drives focus, builds confidence, and encourages the full sensory rehearsal of your past success and desired performance outcomes.

Balancing Family & Stage Time Bedtime stories and all-night jam sessions        

Musicians tend to operate on their own time, work late into the night, and therefore may often get left out of family rituals. Creating a healthy and balanced family routine is a common challenge. Likewise, negotiating your needs with your family may be a complex conversation. Learn strategies to build healthy communication and intimacy within your family system.

The Dynamics of the RoadAlone, together.

In 1991 when Austin was named  “The Live Music Capital of the World”, the attention backfired on our local musicians. By over-saturating the market, musicians often make more money on the road than here at home. Between rehearsals and touring, your band becomes family. Every moment seems to happen together. Travel is tight, quarters are close, and no fart goes unheard. Understand the complex pieces to this system and how to communicate your needs positively and effectively.

Surgeon General’s WarningThe Elvis epidemic

Thousands of movies are based on this exact premise: Everyone wants to be famous, until they’re famous. To find fame is a hard working lottery. Pressure feeds your fire. Life never slows down and all of the sudden you discover the only way you can handle success is drunk or high. If we have studied our history of the masterful artists we have lost to substance abuse, we should understand that this scenario seldom ends well. Often, substance abuse is the outer layer of stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a common side effect of surviving abuse, trauma, and life's stressors.

A Complex Story | The problem of interpersonal violence

The story of surviving sexual and domestic violence is far more common than you may think. Sadly, 1 in 4 women (and 1 in 6 men) are sexually assaulted in their lifetime and domestic violence is a common household concern. These statistics deserve attention and support, and are not immune to the experiences of musicians and industry professionals. 

If you feel these issues have impacted you Sound Mind may be a helpful resource to continue your healing process and reduce symptoms of trauma. This way, you can maintain your focus on personal and professional growth with comfort.

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