Clinical Hypnosis

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Clinical Hypnosis

  • Facilitated by a trained doctor and/or licensed mental health professional

  • An altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness

  • A highly relaxed state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.


LIke a magnifying glass in the sun, when the rays of the sun are focused, they are more powerful. Similarly, when our mind is concentrated and focused, we able to use more of our potential. In this sense, instead of being out of control (like the popular misconception), learning hypnosis is actually the ultimate self-control skill.


Clinical Hypnosis In Psychotherapy


  • Ego Strengthening and Confidence Building

  • Peak Performance (any discipline)

  • Increase Comfort; Decrease Pain

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management

  • Smoking Cessation and Addictions

  • Concentration in Academic Settings

  • Comfort Sleeping

  • Trauma Support