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Without music, life would be a mistake.    
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to Sound Mind Austin P.L.L.C., the psychotherapy practice of David Braham MS, LMFT-S. Trained in family therapy, systems theory, and trauma-informed care, Dave has worked in diverse settings to provide psychotherapy to those in need. In addition to these experiences, Sound Mind Austin aims to support the mental health and well-being of musicians and music industry professionals in this incredibly talented home we call Austin.

Sound Mind employs a psycho-therapeutic approach to help guide the artist’s journey toward healthy relationships, sound minds, and peak on-stage performances. The Sound Mind concept was born from everything music has given to us and my desire to give back.

Topics often include (but are not limited to):

  • Peak Performance, Mindset & Confidence

  • Balancing Stage & Family Life

  • Banding Together (your touring family)

  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Recovery

  • Resource Advocacy

  • Trauma Recovery

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Follow Sound Mind on Facebook for helpful resources to encourage mindful living, healthy relationships, positive masculinity, social justice, and inspiration bridging the muse of music and mental health.

Sound Mind Austin is a proud provider of the SIMS Foundation, a local non-profit organization offering low-cost mental health services to the Austin music community.



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Musicians & Industry Professionals

Trauma & EMDR

Peak Performance EMDR

Clinical Hypnosis

LMFT Approved Supervision



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